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Join Us to Embrace Your Inner Power

Join us at this breakthrough 1/2-Day Virtual Event. Listen & explore what it means to Live Life Intentionally at this jam-packed event with expert speakers eager to help you learn, explore and grow, in this transformative event. 

This event covers a broad spectrum from an understanding of the importance of self-nurturing, healthy living, leadership, financial well-being, right through to exploring spiritual self, and so much more! 

Charity Recipient for 2020 – Journey House

Journey House incorporates a supported independent living model, within a residential community for people with autism and developmental disabilities.

This is a can't miss event! 

  • "This event is amazing! Such great speakers and a dynamic event. I have gone 3 years now and cannot wait for 2020"
    Attendee, JSY 2019

Event Agenda

Event ScheduleSpeaker Topics
8:00 am Vendor Shopping
9:00 a.m. Master of Ceremonies Welcome
9:05 a.m. Wendy Armstrong: Opening Sacred Space Ceremony
9:10 a.m. Trish Harris: Just Say Yes Introduction
9:15 a.m. Horace Roxborough: About Journey House
9:20 a.m. Trish Harris: Attention Energizes - Intention Transforms
9:40 a.m. Jolene Hung: Improving Your Relationship with Money
10:00 a.m. Dawn Firestone: From Fear to Flourishing
10:20 a.m. Donna Henhoeffer: Tomato, Tomatoe: For the Love of Food, Play!
10:40 a.m. Break / Meet + Shop Our Vendor Offerings
11:00 a.m. Derick Fage: The Relentless Pursuit of Happiness
11:20 a.m. Lisa J. Weiss: Accessing Your Inner Wisdom
11:40 a.m. Dr. Yasmilde Rodriguez Gonzalez: Intending: The Fuel to Self-Discovery
12:00 p.m. Dr. Yasmilde: Group Meditation
12:05 p.m. Wendy Armstrong: Closing Sacred Space Ceremony
12:10 p.m. Trish Harris: Thank You Note
12:15 p.m. Event Remains Open for Vendor Sales
1:00 p.m. Just Say Yes 2020 Closes
5:00 p.m. Announcements on Our Facebook Page - Special offers until October 31


  • About Trish Harris, Speaker


    Trish Harris is a personal relationship coach that helps individuals, couples and singles. This would include looking for love, how to live an inspired life and to find peace, joy and happiness. Trish offers various transformative programs on finding love, unlocking self-love, divorce recovery and couple’s tune-up, as well as specialized one on one.

    Trish is a sought-after motivational speaker for businesses, associations and corporate groups as well as provides all exclusive workshops. Trish is the founder of ‘Just Say Yes’ events beginning in 2009. This event brings men and women together to help them find clarity and emotional balance.

    Trish provides mentorship with her forward thinking to her clients.  Providing clarity with tips and tools to be able to unblock emotional blocks so clients can move forward to for a more meaningful life. This year’s Just Say Yes event theme is “Living Life Intentionally”

    Trish is also a certified Qigong instructor and incorporates this as a modality in her coaching sessions.

  • About Wendy Armstrong, Speaker

    Wendy Armstrong, the owner and operator of The Wellness Centre since 1999, holds the degrees of Master Consulting Hypnotist MHt, Certified Consulting Hypnotist CHt; Certified Clinical Iridologist® CCIr®;  Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master.

    She also completed the Professional 2-Year Shamanism (Medicine Work) Training Program with Algonquin Medicine Man Pete Bernard, receiving all Medicine Rites for this traditional energy healing work.Wendy expanded her Shamanic training and abilities by immersing herself in the Peruvian & Ancient Incan Culture and traditions, in Peru’s Sacred Valley, receiving  the Medicine Rites (Karpays) of the Q’ero Pacos (Shamans).

    She combines her compassion and integrity with her expertise in Hypnosis, Iridology, Reiki and energy medicine, and spiritual healing modalities to assist adults and children in achieving their desired goals towards well-being.

  • About Jolene Hung, Speaker

    Investment Advisor, Financial Consultant, Speaker, Mother with a special needs child

    Jolene Hung received her master’s degree in business administration from the University of British Columbia and is fluent in English and Mandarin.  Jolene has worked in the financial industry since 1996 and presently is a financial consultant and stockbroker with IG Wealth Management.  Her goal is to serve her clients with integrity, honesty, humor and grace.

    What makes her different from other financial advisors is that she has a child with special needs.

    I used to wake up in the middle of the night worrying about whom
    would take care of my child if something happened to me!  Now I help families
    get their financial situation in order and give them peace of mind
    . “

    Jolene is often a featured speaker helping people understand their relationship with money and making your money work for you rather than you simply working for money.

  • About Dawn Firestone, Speaker

    Dawn Firestone is a certified, credentialed coach (ACC, CPCC) whose practice focuses on talent development and performance management. She is President of the Ottawa Chapter of the International Coach Federation.

    Dawn has a B.Sc. from Carleton University and has held positions in research science, both privately and with the federal government, in immunology and genetics. She has over 25 years’ experience in public relations, corporate communications and corporate social responsibility nationally in the telecommunications industry. Her nonprofit experience includes leading The Hnatyshyn Foundation, a national nonprofit dedicated to advancing the visual and performing arts in Canada and the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy. She volunteeredat the Ottawa Distress Centre, both on the phone and on the board, the Canadian Cancer Society and the CHEO Foundation.

    Dawn is also a certified Guided Autobiography Instructor (there are less than a dozen Canadians trained in this field).


  • About Donna Henhoeffer, Speaker

    Donna is the spirit behind Edible Elixirs, founded after a 30 year career as a professional chef and event planner where she observed the vast interplay of food in peoples lives. In changing the way she fed herself after healing from a chronic illness, Donna now focuses her energy to nurture the food conscious through play. Today, as a culinary artist and alchemist, she shares the Future of Eating by merging the art of sensual pleasure with modern science that goes beyond diet and nutrition and helps bring food back to the life source that fuels us. Through a 7-step multi-sensory food approach food as love and thy medicine can be [re]learned as we align and embrace food as part of our body, mind and spirit connection.

    If you are ready to change your relationship with food forever, you will want to connect with Donna and her magnetic quality to infuse joy in all her interactions. Come curious as you learn the power of creating your own edible elixirs, one bite at a time.

  • About Derick Fage, Speaker

    Ottawa boy Derick Fage is curious about everyone and everything, a quality that served him well as host of Breakfast Television Montreal on Citytv and the host of Daytime on Rogers TV in Ottawa over his 15-year career in television. In 2012, Derick was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his community work and contributions to charitable organizations.

    After going public with his personal struggle of living with chronic fecal incontinence since birth, he accepted the role of ambassador for the Canadian Continence Foundation in the hopes of helping others who are living with any number of challenges. In 2015 he became the first non-medical professional and patient to speak at the International Continence Society’s annual meeting in its 45-year history.

    In 2018 Derick gave inspirational and impactful talks at the Global Forum on Incontinence in Rome and at the National Conference on Incontinence in Niagara Falls. He is grateful to speak about his challenges, and advocate for awareness and change. Derick is a sought-after professional speaker. His personal story is honest, authentic, emotional, and leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

  • About Lisa J. Weiss, Speaker

    Lisa J. Weiss, founder of I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting, is a Speaker and Inspired Living Coach.

    Lisa has been called a “thought disruptor,” and is known to be a “magnet and mirror for those who wish to be better versions of themselves.” She invites audiences to consider their choices from an internally driven perspective.

    She has been the featured speaker at Creative Mornings Ottawa breakfast learning event, has appeared on Rogers Television, been a guest, and host on various podcasts, including her In Conversation Series. For several years she was a presenter at McGill School of Continuing Education’s Speaker Series, and at Ottawa and Carleton Universities WISE Mentor STEM Leaders Program. She has also been the featured speaker at The Natural Food Pantry and various women’s networking events in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

  • About Dr. Yasmilde, Speaker

    Dr. Yasmilde is a healer and a scientist. Cuban by birth, she settled in Ottawa, Canada in early 2002. She dedicated over 30 years to health sciences training and practice, defending 4 scientific degrees, the last one a Ph.D. in Neuroscience.

    But it was as a result of her own personal healing and growth journey that she discovered that she had always been a healer. After intense training and hands-on experience and years of meditation practice to hon her innate abilities, she founded EQUALLIBRIUM in 2017, a private practice focused on energy healing and meditation.

    Her vision is to heal emotional blockages and traumas for socially-conscious high achievers; so that they can remove their inner obstacles, discover themselves and serve at their highest level. Her medium is revealing what needs healing at a soul level and guiding you until your soul shines bright at the end of the process.

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